Value Relevance Affirmation

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Citation: Kizilcec, R. F., Saltarelli, A. J., Reich, J., & Cohen, G. L. (2017). Closing global achievement gaps in MOOCs. Science, 355(6322), 251-252.

Interdependent Value Relevance Affirmation

Adapted from original Value Relevance Affirmation for use in inderdependent cultural context (e.g. in China).
Link to Instructions in English and Chinese (Mandarin)
Citations: Kizilcec, R. F., Davis, G. M., & Cohen, G. L. (2017). Towards Equal Opportunities in MOOCs: Affirmation Reduces Gender & Social-class Achievement Gaps in China. In Proceedings of the Fourth ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, L@S 2017. Cambridge, MA.

Online Learning Enrollment Intentions (OLEI) Scale

Why did you enroll in this course? Applies Does not apply
General interest in topic [ ] [ ]
Relevant to job [ ] [ ]
Relevant to school or degree program [ ] [ ]
Relevant to academic research [ ] [ ]
For personal growth and enrichment [ ] [ ]
For career change [ ] [ ]
For fun and challenge [ ] [ ]
To meet new people [ ] [ ]
To experience an online course [ ] [ ]
To earn a certificate/statement of accomplishment [ ] [ ]
Course offered by prestigious university/professor [ ] [ ]
To take with colleagues/friends [ ] [ ]
To improve my English skills [ ] [ ]

Citation and implementation instructions: Kizilcec, R. F. & Schneider, E. (2015). Motivation as a Lens to Understand Online Learners. ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction (TOCHI), 22(2).


QualTurk increases the quality of data collected from Amazon Mechanical Turk by flagging respondents who fail quality checks. The system is designed to support Mechanical Turk in conjunction with the Qualtrics survey platform.

MTurk workers are automatically registered by this system and forwarded to your Qualtrics survey. The quality checks include i. survey completion above a minimum time threshold (optional), ii. correctly answering an arbitrary set of pre-screening questions (optional), iii. correctly answering two specific questions that test if respondents read instructions (required). The system also ensures that workers cannot repeat the same HIT. The system provides workers with a completion code and optional debrief text. The code enables them to complete the HIT.

QualTurk is available at and open sourced on GitHub.

Automotive GUI Prototype

I created a graphical user interface prototype in 2012 for a laboratory study. In the study, this novel object-based interface was compared to a traditional icon-based interface with respect to how distracting it is to the driver, how long it takes to retrieve services, and which one offers a better user experience. Try the interactive online demo.